After reviewing the charts this morning it appears that bitcoin is pulling back again after a positive day in the market. It looks like Bitcoin is trading within this descending bear trend and is looking to find its triple bottom. It is beginning to dip below $6650 which was Bitcoins last bottom in April and appears in search of a new low at the $4000 level 🤷🏼‍♂️. When Bitcoin finally finds its triple bottom and breaks out of this descending trend I can comfortably say the bull run will commence. I know it seems like I’m spreading a lot of negativity about Bitcoin lately but In all honesty I am being realistic, and this is what my technical analysis is pointing me towards. I more than anyone am sick of this bear market 😂 I want nothing more than the bulls to come back and I’m sure that time is coming soon. All we can do as of right now is be smart, hold our coins, and accumulate. We may never see prices this low ever again and the advice I will give you is to treat it as a blessing not a curse. You can’t create wealth from following the negative news arising from the media, and following them like sheep. No. You create it from your own research and analysis, and by drawing your own conclusions 🚀 #CryptoJect #buythedip

Ripple (XRP) seems to be continuing along this descending triangle. Next support level is at the 7700 level. If it breaks support and I believe it will if Bitcoin breaks to around 4K I think Ripple will find a lower low 👀 Keep an eye on XRP in the coming days and weeks and accumulate as it falls. This is a huge opportunity to fill our bags at prices we may never see again. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us 💪🏼🤷🏼‍♂️ #CryptoJect

The news arising from the SEC today is excellent, don’t get me wrong. But I’m not certain the bears are done manipulating the price...yet. #CryptoJect

Coin: Ripple (XRP) Description: Ripple is a cryptocurrency that allows real time cross border payments to be sent around the globe in a matter of seconds, in a cost effective manner. As of now, cross border transactions require numerous outside sources in order to reach its destination, and transactions often take multiple days to arrive. This creates a number of added costs and risks that make it more difficult to send money around the world. This is where Ripple comes in. Ripple allows cross border payments to occur directly between banks in a matter of seconds, and removes the necessity for the middle man, thus cutting down on fees and transaction times. It is easy to see Ripples use case in our globalized society, and it is hard to dispute its value in the future. At press time, Ripple is trading at $0.52 USD and considering its all-time high of $3.84 in January it is easy for me to say that this Ripple is harshly undervalued. Given the fact that bitcoin has taken another tumble this week I suggest you begin accumulating Ripple as the market continues to fall. Although the market has had a significant pullback this week don’t lose hope, and do not sell. This is only the beginning, the bulls are coming. #XRP #Ripple #CryptoJect

Big news coming from China today. Binance have announced they will begin trading cryptocurrencies against the euro this year. Moreover, the Binance chief executive says the exchange plans on adding other fiat trading pairs aswell. This is stellar news. Not only will this make it easier for people to purchase altcoins, but also it will remove fees associated from sending bitcoin to exchanges. More so, I imagine this will have an effect on Bitcoins overall dominance in the market. Without the necessity of purchasing Bitcoin in order to accumulate altcoins, I foresee a dip in bitcoins market dominance. Great news for the crypto world today 🚀 #binance #CryptoJect

Coin: 0x (ZRX) Description: 0x is an open exchange that allows ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain and will be one of the biggest decentralized exchanges. Given the escalation of stolen cryptocurrency in the past year, decentralized exchanges are becoming drastically necessary, and its use case is difficult to overlook. The founders of 0x foresaw the innovation of blockchain technology in its early stages since they see a future where anything from stocks, currencies, or commodities can be publicly traded on the blockchain. Given the rumors that 0x could be the next token added to Coinbase, this tokens excellent use case, and its current price in consideration to Bitcoins recent dip, I highly recommend accumulating. Its currently trading at $1.02 at press time. #0x #ZRX #CryptoJect Buy at: 15300 Sell Target 1: 17850 Sell Target 2: 20500

Call on point. It’s crazy so see so many people get caught up with emotion in this market. Personally I saw this coming weeks ago, and it’s clear the whales aren’t finished manipulating the market. However, with that said you can see the bear market flattening out meaning they are losing there ability to manipulate the price. For that reason I believe this will be the last dump before our next bull run. Big things coming everyone, pack those bags 💰 #freefall #CryptoJect

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What do you guys think about this news? —————————————- According to the results of a live vote on June 8th, EOS’s blockchain is set to go live. The EOSIO software was created in order to let local businesses build blockchain based applications. Interestingly experts expect EOS’s blockchain to compete with Ethereum as the go to blockchain for creating Dectralized applications (Dapps). Currently, EOS is #5 on coinmarketcap, and it is currently trading at $13.10 at press time. Do you guys hold any EOS? #EOS #Cryptoject

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Coin: Golem Description: Golem (GNT) has an excellent use case in our ever advancing society. Golem is a token that allows you to sell your unused CPU power for use by other people, and as of April 11th, it is officially live on the ethereum blockchain. Currently, the service enables computers to rent available CPU power for things like “computer-generated imagery (CGI), using a function called “Blender”, visual effects, interactive 3D applications and video games. It works by swapping computational power for GNT through an interface that connects to Blender directly.” (CoinDesk) In the long term, Golem sets out to build a worldwide supercomputer accessible by anyone and everyone. It is easy to see that Golem has a real use case, and solves real world issues unlike many cryptocurrencies in the market today. Technical Analysis: Over the last few months, Golem has had a great run up with a huge spike in volume. However, like the rest of the market it’s had a pullback in the last couple of weeks and this is a perfect time to accumulate 💪🏼. Golem has formed a perfect descending wedge and is now trading at 7125 sats at press time. Look to accumulate around 7100 sats (0.54 USD), and set targets for 11300 sats (0.86 USD) for a 40% profit. I am so excited about this project guys. Get ready its almost ready to take off 🚀 #cryptoject

What did I say yesterday 🤷🏼‍♂️ Btc losing steam around the 7,700 region facing major resistance. I’m calling 6,500 within the next week. Be patient everyone and get ready to accumulate at the lows 🚀💪🏼 #cryptoject

Historically low prices. The extent to which these coins in the top 50 are undervalued cannot be understated, and the prices we will see by the end of 2018 will be absolutely mind boggling. Their are a few projects in particular that I am especially interested in, and I am accumulating accordingly. 💪🏼 A year ago from now you will be pinching yourself that you didn’t get in when the market was so low. I know it’s tough for many of you who have lost so much in this bear market which has taken grasp of the market for nearly 6 months now. But be patient, do your research and fill your bags everyone, because the bulls are coming 🔥 what projects have caught your attention? #staytuned #cryptoject

Starting this page in an attempt to enlighten individuals about the current financial revolution. So many people in the world love to live in the past and reject the fact that fiat is garbage. The fact of the matter is you can’t restrict innovation! Bitcoin has started the financial revolution and is here to change the world for the better! Onward and upwards! Follow this page for daily news, market updates and crypto calls #cryptoject