You aren't a failure until you start to blame. - John Wooden Stop blaming, start hustling 💪📚 #hustler #studytime📚 #anatomy #goals

This image shows the light on the left eye which is reacting normally, but the right eye remains dilated. . ➡️ Consensual defect = problem with efferent pathway . ➡️ Won't constrict = problem with parasympathetic pathway . ➡️ Need to determine if the problem occurs BEFORE or AFTER the ciliary ganglion. . ➡️ PRE-GANGLIONIC = 3rd nerve palsy - poor accommodation - no constriction as part of near reflex response . ➡️ POST-GANGLIONIC = Adie's tonic pupil - near reflex response PRESENT - WILL constrict with dilute pilocarpine . . . . . . . . . . . . #optometry #optom #optomschool #prereg #optometrist #graduate #student #revision #pathology #pupils #optics #clinicalassessment #health #clinicalskills #nerves #palsies #tonic #anatomy #ganglion #eyes

Валерия Лакресенко #art #drawing #anatomy Академия художеств им Репина

I just realized I deleted the old version of the magician I made, but never posted the revised version 😦 but here she is! •the magician• ‘The Magician Tarot card typically appears in a Tarot reading at a time in your life when you have the creative power and energy to create a new life cycle for yourself. You have the ability to take the power of the Universe and manifest your desires. The Magician Tarot card suggests that a situation has been (or soon will be) presented to you that has all the inherent components to allow the manifestation of your desires. Those desires may be spiritual (fire), physical (earth), emotional (water), or mental (air), and are each aligned with the four elements of the Tarot. You have the ability to make it happen!’ -Biddy Tarot #vanillatarotdeck

It was fun to paint my version of the "music spirit" by the very talented @upamanyubhattacharyya :D . . Swipe for the original character ♥️ . #drawthisinyourstyle

Keep it simple, keep it sustainable!!! . 200g chicken 200g white potatoes 200g broccoli 1 x avocado 80g sun-dried tomatoes