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Dangerous Woman × Made In The Am (4/6) - Long Way Down by One Direction (2015) - "We've been in fire, went down in the flames" / "We had it all, yeah and we walked away" / "Point of no return and now it's just too late to turn around" / " I try to forgive you but I'm strugglin cause I don't know how" / "We built it up so high and now we're falling, and it's a long way down" - H: Long Way Down is a very different song compared to the songs for the both of us. A: Long Way Down, wasn't picked by the boys. It was picked by me. I know, not a lot of their fans know this but I was actually with them for some days when they were recording the album. H: Long Way Down is a breakup song but like it's a breakup they didn't want to happen but things were far too complicated. A: I chose Long Way Down because honestly, even if Harry and I weren't in a relationship in the earlier years, there were points in our life where we felt like everything just fell apart. We felt so distant with each other. H: It's like, if you like me back tell me because I won't be having all day to wait for you. Y'know? A: And if you hurt me, like seriously painful, I would never know if I will forgive you anymore. H: Long Way Down is like a song for all of the arguements and confusion we had. H: The song itself tells the fans that every relationship is not perfect, just like me and Ariana's. There will always be challenged but it's your choice whether to give up or not. Although, if you know you actually love this person, don't let her go. A: I chose it because I felt the song. A: It reminded me of the hard times with Harry, and looking now. I can definitely tell all of those were worth it. H: Don't try and break up with me because it's a long way down there! A: Your puns aren't funny Harold, I don't know if that's even consider one H: *glares at Ariana like a child* A: Just kidding! I love you baby! *hugs Harry* A: And I will never break up with you, not now, not ever. H: I love you so fucking/fooking much. - #arianagrande #ari #arianator #arinator #grande #ariana #likeforlike #gaintrick #followforfollow #harrystyles #harry #styles #onedirection #hariana #edit #manip

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