Don't be people pleaser so they can feel better about themselves if you are not good. If you are afraid to show that you are not ok, Because you think they will look at you in a different way..that's also not good! Allow yourself to BE! To feel and accept all emotions you experience. So if you don't feel good, go through it without suppressing feelings.. coz you should be your priority. And you deserve people who will understand that, not those who will upset you more because you don't give them daily portion of what-ever-they-expect from you.. you are not in circus for cookies sake!

And act based on your decision. Change what needs to be changed and try not to worry about those things you can't change. Are you aware that we made tons of decision throughout the day? Know that those decisions you made today create your life tomorrow. Be aware of it. 🙏 I like to say: Practice, consistence, progression not perfection. 🤗

Not all from the list.. but doing me in my way.. So should you. Don't follow other people's lists but make your own with all those things that nurture your soul. Things that stimulate your growth and self love. Oh.. saying no to people has become my favourite thing. 😂😂😂 Good morning beautiful #people. 🌏💙🦄🙏

We all see the same thing, but we speak from very different perspectives. Our perspectives can vary and depend on so many things.. education, experience, beliefs, etc etc. So we don't see the things as they are, but who we are. In order to have one dicent respectful conversation, we should strive to avoid misunderstandings by simply expressing our perspectives over the same thing.. be sure that you both express what that thing means to You. Your definition. Your perspective. That's the start of one good conversation. If you talk about love, say your definition of love. Then listen what other person says about love. You would be surprised how people see the same thing in a very different way. Try to respect other people's point of view rather than to be right. Respect other people's way of thinking the same way you would like to be respected. It's that simple. 🙏

Yesssss and the same goes for women too! Manners, good #education, #respect, integrity, among other things, is something I really seek for when I speak to #people. Soooo important to me. Nowadays it's really rare to find. If you want a lady by your side, make sure you are a gentleman first. And vice versa. As usual.. #Expectations vs. #Offer. It has to be on the same level. . . #lifequotes #learn #mindset #athinkingblonde #love #selfmade #goodlife #motivation #life #comment #quote #word #instagood #inspire #photooftheday #bloggerlifestyle #blogger #motivationalquotes #gentleman #lady #inspiration #blog #positivethinking #quotes #quoteoftheday

You know definitions in life are so important. Why? To avoid any confusion, misunderstandings and simply things should be called by their proper name. For example: If you express your love to someone you love, expecting nothing in return that's unconditional love. If you expect something, that's not pure love but conditional love.  If you help someone expecting nothing, that's kindness and help with pure heart. If you expect something in return thats not help, that's business.  If you are nice to all, you are simply one nice genuine person, if you are nice to one person and not to others you are not nice, you look for some benefit.  And soooooo oon.. you see it's quite simple. People confuse things and thats what make this life complicated. Be honest with yourself first. 🤗