Günaydın / Good Morning from #bosniaandherzegovina #kravicawaterfalls ☺️

Trebinje Trebinje is a city located in Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina situated on the banks of Trebišnjica river in the region of East Herzegovina. As of 2013, it has a population of 31,433 inhabitants. The city's old town quarter dates to the 18th-century Ottoman period, and includes the Arslanagić Bridge. . . . Photo by: @photography_by_ivan . . . #discover_bosnia #travelingthebalkans #travel_addict #natgeo #nature #nature_addict #landscape #trebinje #rsa_outdoors #placestovisit #dreamplace #nationaldestinations #travelphotography #bosniaandherzegovina #vscoslavs #balkan

Yesterday we started our journey from Sarajevo towards Montenegro with a quick stop at the 1984 Olympic bobsled tracks, which is now abandoned. The hero that took us there on the right, sometimes with difficulties even in first gear ⛰️🚗😅 . . #sarajevo #bosniaandherzegovina #bosnia #exploring

Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦: Cevapi As complex as this recipe seemed on paper, it actually wasn’t too hard in execution, thankfully! Mixing the meat with all the spices by hand was the hardest part (ew texture) but we BBQ’d the sausages and they turned out perfectly. They were just a little spicy and they were quite juicy which was great. The end result tasted a lot like a gyro once you put the meat into the pita with all the toppings. To make the ajvar sauce, we first had to grill the pepper and eggplant. We quickly learned that the easiest way to peel off the skin was to make sure the veggies were charred black to get that real smoky flavour. At least we know for next time! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Luckily the recipe we followed also made the sauce really mild so our wimpy taste buds couldn’t complain. I also really liked the playing for this dish. It looks like a flower to me with all the components of the dish showcasing themselves and not relying on anything else as the star. All in all, I’d say this dish was a success and we would both eat this again! Next we move to Botswana! #bosniaandherzegovina #bosnia #bosnianfood #cevapi #flowerplate #ajvar #globaleats #worldfoodie #ourglobalfeast