This time a year ago everyone was astonished by the total eclipse that swept across the nation. It provided some pretty cool effects. Wonder how cool it would be to apply them to a design. #totaleclipse #eclipse2018

1 year ago today in the Path of Totality (1 minute 53 seconds). There's nothing like a total solar eclipse. Jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring! "The heavens are calling you, and wheel around you, displaying to you their eternal beauties, and still your eye is on the ground." - Dante, "Purgatory" Canto XIV "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." -Psalm 19 #eclipse2018 #sun #solareclipse #dante #dantesinferno #god #bibleverse #bible #psalms #psalm19 #oldtestament #creator #creation #apologetics

Probably the only diamond ring my punk-ass will ever be able to afford #photography #space #moon #eclipse2018 #diamondring

IT'S MCWORLD PIE! So, mcworld pie will release right now for all platforms of apple, android, samsung and mcworld. Download our new mcworld pie update and more features today. And here are some pictures we taken from the mcworld o eclipse event in 8/21/18. #androidpie #androidoreo #Mcworldpie #Mcworldoreo #Pie #androidoeclipse #oreo #eclipse2017 #eclipse2018 #eclipse #Mcworld #MOE2018 🌒🍰👍🏻❤️😉

Eclipse photos I forgot I had .....swipe

My daughter Mary Katherine would have been 27 years old today. A year ago on her birthday we made a mad, desperate dash across Kansas and Missouri to see the total eclipse. We dodged record rainfall and titanic storms. There was some sort of link in my mind that seeing the sun go dark, to vanish on her birthday meant SOMETHING. Perhaps it was because there was a heightened feeling of possibility that followed Mary Katherine all her life. Lady bugs frequently appeared around her when she was a baby and would show up in mass in her room at odd times of the year even when she lived in France. At six months old a UFO enthusiast in Florida claimed to have known her in a previous lifetime. The only time she went to the famous ZULU parade at Mardi Gras she caught one of the coveted ZULU coconuts. In Louisiana that means something that cannot be explained to people not from our state. After she became sick we went to Greece and at a temple of Poseidon we found her initials carved onto the base of an ancient column overlooking the Aegean Sea. The letters seemed to have been there for centuries. So seeing a total eclipse on her birthday somehow matched her mojo. From dawn that morning and till just minutes before the eclipse was to begin we chased any patch of blue but the sky seemed against us. Storms and clouds churned all around. Then we neared a white clapboard, picket fenced mirage named Prairie Home Missouri and the clouds just sort of evaporated. In a little park in the heart of town we stood and watched. We felt the sudden, silent chill of the umbra coming upon us at 1200 miles an hour. Then the eeriest light I’ve ever seen enveloped us. For a minute and twenty four seconds there was a black hole where the sun should have been. And I felt things I will never be able to describe. I don’t know if I felt her presence or her absence. Later my son Jack and I made a comic which you’ll find here. All I can say with clarity is that we witnessed some sort of deep, unending comfort. And so I say again as I said to the darkness on that midday “happy birthday Mary Katherine. Where ever you are.” #jackson.e.joyce #eclipse2018 #totaleclipse #prairiehomemissouri

#eclipse elopement. Happy first year married @longfellow1981 What a crazy and wild journey it has been. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be my life. ♥️🌝