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the honeymoon tour was soo beautiful☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️



a beautiful gumdrop. she is the most lovely bean ever. it’s sometimes unbelievable that a person can make you this happy. @arianagrande i love you to the moon and back.🌷🏹🕊🍯🌱💡- #arianagrande #happiana (also this is my first edit pls don’t judge aahh)

If this was one a ten hour loop, you would never see me again

i miss this time so much. can u actually believe that I stan her even before this? she grew up so fast and i am one lucky girl to see her grow up :,) I’m so emo I miss this girly time so much, but I also LOVE that she became such a strong woman and role model, just the best that we could ever ask for. #happiana #arianagrande