World Bank and Commonwealth Bank to Produce Blockchain Based Bonds The World Bank give the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) in Australia the duty to undertake the bonds, which will be created and managed entirely on Blockchain. This type of bond will be the first bond to be issued and managed using Blockchain technology worldwide. The bond will then be managed through the Ethereum blockchain by the World Bank in Washington and the CBA in Sydney. According to officials, the Ethereum network, which has the largest and most active development community in the world, has the functionality to produce a blockchain-based bond. The World Bank will use Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, to make this bond available in Washington. According to statements made by the World Bank, Microsoft stated that the capacity of the Ethereum network, its security and scale, is sufficient for this project. #cryptocoin #bitcoinnews #ripple #coins #blockchaintechnology #icozilla

Decentralized Music Platform Gathers a $ 5.5 Million Commemorative Decentralized music sharing application Audius stated that $ 5.5 million was collected on the Series A round. The platform, which aims to have access to the contents of the artists using Blockchain and to have more control, will also help content producers interact with their fans at the same time. At the moment, it is not clear when the system will come out, but because of the freedom and control that the platform will give to the content producers, it is expected to come to the forefront of other platforms. Authorities who comment on the issue say that it is very important for the development of the situation to control the contents of the artists in the future. Among the founders, the platform, which houses many musicians, also invested in Kleiner Perkins, 122 West, Ascolta Ventures and Pantera Capital. #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews

Digibyte is ready to buy in the App Store! Josiah Spackman, a Digibyte foundation representative, announced that the Digibyte application on the Medium account this morning was accepted by Apple and is now running on the Appstore. With the Digibyte application being iOS compatible and Digi-ID support, users can record, store, spend and send Digibyte with Apple devices with iOS operating system. Available in more than 50 languages ​​on the Appstore, the app will be available for download with the initial release, and the team is quite assertive that the app will be the best Blockchain app in the Apple Store. And to sustain these claims, Spackman says that there will be continuous updating and development work on the application. In addition, Digibyte is another application of the "DigiWallet" wallet application is still in the information provided that the TestFlight work continues. The DigiWallet application will also be available for 3-6 months at a time, depending on the two application plans, once the testing work is done. #cryptocurrency #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc #cryptocurrencies

Big Push for ICO from Telegram: Telegram Passport The popular instant messaging platform Telegram has announced that it has added a new feature called the Telegram Passport. Telegram Passport is used to store your identity documents in the Telegram's encrypted cloud storage and is designed for use with ICOs and cryptographic exchanges requiring identity. It is possible to be included in most ICOs with a single identity. Now you can enter your key credentials and share it with almost all ICOs. Thus, entering individual identification information for each platform is history. The application will have a completely eco-system. However, the announcement does not mention whether it will be enabled by default or how long the security model will be valid. The sequel to the description is the knowledge that the implementation will have a completely decentralized ecosystem in the future. #ethereum #cryptocurrency #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc

The World's Largest Paying Company Has Received a New Blockchain Patent The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has confirmed that Mastercard is patenting a new method for accelerating transactions with crypto-money. According to a report released on July 17, the patent will meet a serious need to increase the speed of network operations, along with the increase in demand for cryptographic parallelism. Seth Eisen, deputy chief of the Mastercard Communications Department, said the patent was not taken to develop a new product and will make a number of improvements to existing traditional payment systems. MasterCard customers will be able to perform faster transactions with crypto money, but these transactions will be done using the nominal currency values in the background. In addition, the patent was welcomed by Tom Lee, one of the leading names in the crypto money community. #ethereum #cryptocurrency #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc

World's First Bank-Supported Cryptocurrency Exchange Opening The world's first bank-backed crypto money market has officially opened. The place where the event takes place, of course, is Japan, which is coming to fruition with innovations and developments pioneering the market. The stock market began to operate in a full-fledged manner. Behind the stock market is financial giant SBI Holdings. The company is one of the largest companies in Japan. The company's VCTRADE named crypto money trading platform has been in operation for the past month. However, only a group of users who had pre-registered at the time of October we were able to access the investment service offered by the stock exchange. SBI Holdings announced today that the service has been fully open to all users. Exchange’s services will be available to investors in Japan between 20-70 years of age. However, the registration process for corporate customers has not yet begun. VCTRADE announced in June that only the official token of the Ripple protocol will support XRP - Japanese new transactions. This move signifies that SBI Holdings has strengthened its ties with Ripple. In the course of the past few months, SBI Holdings' banking association decided to use Ripple Blockchain in its jointly developed payment application. #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews

The 5th Largest Company in the World Can Accept Bitcoin Will Amazon accept Bitcoin as a payment method? This question has been asked many times in the crypto money world so far. The Amazon - bitcoin interaction has once again come to the fore with a Reddit post. Amazon has made some leaps in this field in the past months, even when it has been "tight" about the subject. "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", an Amazon-affiliated company, patented an application that allows users to simultaneously view cryptographic transactions. Last year, the company had three domains related to crypto money: amazonethereum.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com and mazoncryptocurrencies.com. amazonbitcoin.com directs the page directly to amazon.com. When we go to 2013, we see that Amazon makes a little known virtual money. However, Amazon Coin is not built with the named virtual money Blockchain infrastructure, and it seems that it has not been very popular by users. #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc #coin #cryptocoin #bitcoinnews #ripple #coins

Russian Universities Announce Diploma Programs for Blockchain Technology Some universities in Russia are preparing to offer undergraduate and graduate courses in crypto money and Blockchain technology. Some of the lessons are expected to be given by guest speakers from Europe, India and the USA. The three universities will train students in a variety of areas such as cryptography, digital economy, blockchain and distributed notebook technologies, alternative payment systems, etc., in the new academic year that will begin in September. In addition, some courses will be taught in English to foreign students and Russian students who want to pursue a career in this area. How do you evaluate the Russian universities' approach to Blockchain and encryption technologies? #icozilla #ICO #tokensale #etc #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews #cryptolife #cryptotrading