Been obsessed with the new @nestfragrances Wisteria Blue. Thank you Next for gifting me to try 💕 #nestfragrancesgiftedme Perfect for day and night, Wisteria Blue is both floral and fresh. Try it out and you won’t regret :) #nestfragrances #wisteriablue #OctolyFamily

some more of Abi last week at @rocknrollhotel

Worn-in, off-white Vejas to last a few more summers. It's often surreal to me how blessed we are to be given joyful, uninterrupted moments. I'm learning to absorb them without letting anxiety churn my stomach too much.

Loved seeing one of my favorite Hawaiian artists, Kris Goto, @kgotoart & her murals all over Target Ala Moana today while running errands. What a nice surprise @target @alamoanacenter. Can you spot the spam musubi?!! #art #artist #mural #hawaiianart #igdc #ighawaii #hawaii #honolulu

In a room of ribbons.