Small steps today, yield great rewards tomorrow. It's these small steps that create the path for you, to take that big leap into your life. To achieve your final goal you may have 'n' no. of plans to do it. But most importantly, you need to execute those plans.( I am still struggling to execute few of my plans, but yes I see that I take a small step to achieve them every single day.) The key is the small everyday steps towards our goals. Everyday you have to contribute something so that you come closer to your goals. Don't wait for the big strides, but take those small strides on an everyday basis, and no sooner you will be prepared for the big strides. P.s- Trying something new to post for a week or so😅 same old thoughts but we always tend to forget what is important. Maybe few issues which I follow and yes also which I don't 😜 . . . If you find this interesting, comment below 1 small step which you follow for your betterment. (You never know whom will you help by this small gesture) #wednesdaywisdom #thoughtoftheday #minimalist #minimal #instaminim #keepitsimple #minimallove #lessismore

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Sono solo pomodori. sono i miei pomodori💕4 varieta è un Gusto unico💕👍