still doesn’t seem real, despite all the controversy, #xxxtentacion stayed true to, himself, his fans and his family. I simply cannot believe this happened to someone who was changing for the better, ly x rest in power. #ripx #ripxxxtentacion @xxxtentacion

be alright or the light is coming? ☁️ #arianagrande •
video credit goes to “March For Our Lives”

A statement: I do not hate Ariana. I could never. I’m not trying to “expose” or “drag” her necessarily. Rather, I am trying to discover the truth and bring Mac justice as he was done very dirty by her. I’m a bit turned off by sweetener because she has been drowning us with Feet Davidson. She even has a Feet interlude. He’s been around for a fucking month! Mac never had one, and they spent 2 years together. Maybe he did have one but she dropped it when she added Feet to her life. So much happened with them (engagement, tattoos, living together, a song!!) that this is something I can’t support as much I want her happy, I can’t let her live out this lie she fed to us. It’s bullllllshit. Nonetheless, I’m excited for the new music. - #arianagrande #ariana #arianator #maciana #macmiller #petedavidson #kyliejenner #sweetener #kyliejenner #kendalljenner #selenagomez #taylorswift #bts #tea #teatime