Day 51. Prompt: Mint. Here’s an interesting little fact about me. Well, okay..... maybe not “interesting”. Maybe just a fact! 😂 I love mints! And more specifically, I love mints after coffee! So I made a little minty montage from my washi tapes & mint wrappers & wrote a little tracker of my mint consumption for the day! Yes, this is why my Dentist hates me! 😬 I said to her “Mints are a fruit, right? ‘Cause this is just 3 of my 5-a-day”! 😂 The wrapper for the Extra Strong mints did not make the cut because I don’t usually eat them. It’s just that, at work today I found myself suddenly in need of some sugar & discovered a half eaten pack in one of the drawers until the tills! ☺️👍🏻 Thank you very much & don’t mind if I do! I also put some cute & silly stickers on the card for extra theme points! 🤓 Oh, I’m in a funny mood! Can you tell? Maybe this heat & humidity has finally fried my brain! He he! #icad2018 #dyicad2018 #mint #mints #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #dailyart #washitape #nofilter #green #arttherapy

, 'Njeri,' 2018 (detail), painting via @caseykaplangallery | Galleries 2018 📷artbasel

Happy Saturday!! I wanted to let you know I have 3 classes up on @eventbrite. I have 2 mixed media canvas classes and 1 fish canvas that I’m rescheduling. Check them out and join us!!! #charmschoolth #mixedmediaart #bravegirlsclub #painting🎨 #joinus #eventbrite #iam #iambecoming #fishcanvaspainting #localbusiness

Le plein et le vide The Full and the empty

On the blog one of my favorite artists and fingers crossed a possibility for the new project we are working on! #thomasswanston #studioswan #birds #metallic #mixedmediaart #aviaryart #interiordesign

"It's impossible to explain creativity. It's like asking a bird how they fly. You just do." 🐦🤘 #wip