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Getting back in the saddle involves accepting #modifications and #limitations while continuing to #aimforthestars. Here is my preparation for a full expression of #EkaPadaGalavasana. Slow and steady wins the race. #flyingpigeon #yoga #asana #armbalance #aimhigh #namaste #rebirth #rebuild #rebel

Being back full time on the road common discussions we find we have with fellow travellers is definitely in relation to car and towing choice! Have a read (link in bio) on what we have experienced over the years and why modifications come in handy. Tyres, suspension, lockers, exhaust boots, performance chip, boost and EGT gauge and much more. What they all mean, what they do and why we personally did what we did to our tourer. 5 and a half years since we left to travel, same car = in our minds money well spent 😊

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Mrs is considering getting rid of the WRX nothing wrong with it just doesn't enjoy the manual in the Subaru... $18,000obo (rebuilt title) message me for details located in NC open to trades of mustang (it can still be a manual) or 4x4 suv It's got 20k on it aftermarket waste gate, takeda cold air intake new yokahoma tires and new stage 1 clutch I have paper work for clutch and tires oh and it had sti wing... it has rebuilt title but no air bags were deployed i also have cobb accessport for it #subaru #subie #wrx #subarumafia #trade #mustang #subaruwrx #awd #forsale #import #subarunation #importnation #mcbride #decal #subarulife #subaru_usa #hers #modifiedcars #modifications #eirrac #subarusofinstagram #wrxnation #wrxcity #lifesgood #allwheeldrive #importalliance


Are you an influencer? Or have you been on people's profiles that state they are influencers? How did that make you feel after scrolling through their page? Uplifted or feeling like you are not enough? Let's get to it. I see many profiles with people stating they are an influencer for a "Dream" lifestyle. (This is about to piss some people off- if you can't handle my truth that's okay but you may want to leave now if you are easily offended) I see these men and women "influencers" with overly expensive things, just for the sake of having them and to boast their level of unconsciousness with their divine self. I see women who have foreign objects and chemicals in their face,breasts and bodies to make themselves look like someone else. There is such a lack of self love. I use to want to have fake breasts, I'm no exception. I saw all these women with "gorgeous" bodies that were not attainable naturally. You HAD to get a procedure and it was worn like a badge of honor societally if you did, because that made you hotter than the other women and more desirable to men... or whoever you are trying to attract. I was so close to losing myself in that literal plastic mindset, and I'm here today to say that influencers have a huge responsibility and ripple effect. When I was a kid I flipped through the 17 magazine while in line with my mom at the grocery store. The main thing I got out of that was I had too much body fat, I was too short, I should wear makeup to cover my "embarrassing flaws" and since I had blue eyes I should dye my hair Barbie blonde. So I did those things, and I was sadder than ever. I got older so I looked at #vogue or #peoplemagazine. Things only escalated, lip gloss wasn't enough anymore. Now the next step to beauty was being a sex toy, a Victoria secret model, a plastic surgery specimen, marry a wealthy man, or be filthy filthy rich to make up for my flaws. None of these fill the soul and damn near killed me. I had self hate up the yin yang and you know I'm over it- starting now. I get some People want to "Enhance" their Beauty by surgeries and injections but damn wouldn't it be easier to realize you were already beautiful and while living that truth-

Out now link in bio Red Victor Racing - 5 seconds or bust ( #documentary #film ) The Red Victor racing team have been street legal drag #racing for 30 years, and have been in the world record scene in the ¼ mile for the last 10 years. They held the outright street legal world record with #RV3 since besting Rod Saboury’s 6.75 with a 6.71 in 2012. They kept breaking their own world record over the next 2 years, bringing down to 6.40 at 229mph. In 2014 Larry Larsen finally beat the record by a substantial margin with a 6.16, then lowered it to a 5.87 @ 245mph, which was eventually beaten in 2015 by Jeff Lutz with a [email protected] 251.4mph. This is how the record still stands. When Larson broke the record the team were already hatching a plan to get the record back. It took quite a while to get the #car in shape to do it, and raise the funds to go to a place that had a world renowned track, the people to help, and more importantly the weather to have plenty of good runs to get data… #Bahrain was the place, and in the winter of 2016 the car was shipped to the Bahrain International circuit to begin testing in 2017. Eventually after some initial test hits the team realised they needed more, so the #engine was shipped back to #England for #modifications to be ready for the 2017/2018 #BDRC drag race season. This is where we pick up the story… YOUR PASSION IN MOTION