spending the week on cape cod soaking in all of the sun and sand 🌊 brought along some of my favorite tools to play with while I’m relaxing! i sometimes find i can be the most creative in periods of r&r. • any recommendations of things for me to do while i’m in cape cod? i particularly love outdoor adventuring and eating all the things. • cutest vintage desk tools via @goodluckfox

Have you read any of the books pictured? All six are in my top twenty books of all time... So let me know if any of them are your favourites too. ♛

Ready for summer ☀️ 🏖️ routine ....👌🏻🤗 #schaebens #glisskur #schwarzkopf #schwartzkopf @schwarzkopfpro @schwarzkopf

*Werbung Endlich habe ich meine Augenringe optisch (zumindest auf Fotos) besiegt 😂😂😂 Ab und zu sollte man auch über sich selbst lachen können... 😜 #keepsmile😊 Wünsche euch allen einen schönen Abend 😘 Schnitt: @needle.love #brianatee Stoff: @allesfuerselbermacher #flamingo #2018diydontbuy

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes making time to just sit and look for new design inspiration and ideas from fashion and interior design is necessary. 💕 I’m slightly overwhelmed with my to do list, as I am every Monday. My strategy is dedicating a specific time frame to tackle each item. 💕 What does everyone do to make sure they cross off the majority of their to do list (on Mondays especially)?

Lake Constance 🎨🌻🌷🍃🌱// acrylic and ink on wood panel

I had so much fun working on these yoga cows for some window paintings I did at @oxygenmahogany for their stampede week promotion “get ready to moo-ve and sweat” 😂🐄🧘‍♀️

That trellis we built really has us in our feelings about the wine themed bridal shower we worked 😍 Everything was so gorgeous! If we get 5 comments asking for it we’ll post some more details from the party 💖🍷

Today, we are back from a 2-week summer break, feeling refreshed and ready for what’s to come! . We love this quote: "Step into the new story you are willing to create" because it reminds us that where we are today isn't where we'll always be. We can continue creating, progressing, learning, and growing - we just have to be willing to do so. . What's something new you're willing to do this week?

Me- *Attempts Kerry Washington’s No Makeup Look* Also - *Uses 20 products* 🤣

Because life is better buzzed ☕️ 📸 @camber

When you look forward to a monday because you LOVE WHAT YOU DO ✨💕 . Remember its a NEW Monday, NEW week, NEW GOALS! . So go & smash out those dreams & goals 🔥

Back to work 👨🏻‍💻 📸: @omi_kim

You heard it here first! Our stylishly chic new Fashion range has officially launched. ⠀ The collection is full of desk accessories including a Folio Pad & A3 Desk Pad, plus luxe travel essentials such as our brand new Cord Keepers, Travel Planner & Currency Purse! ⠀ Click the link in our bio to shop the collection now!

“Hepimiz kendi masallarımıza tutunuruz; ta ki onlara inanmanın bedelini ağır ödeyene dek.” Ransom Riggs, Bagan Peregrine’in Tuhaf Çocukları, Sayfa 19 • Jacob, büyükbabasının hikayeleri ile büyümüş bir çocuktur. Ama bunlar bize anlatılanlar gibi sıradan hikayeler değildir; içlerinde uçan bir kız, görünmez bir çocuk hatta kuşa dönüşebilen bir kadın ve bunlardan çok daha fazlası vardır. Ancak büyükbabasının ölümü ile Jacob’ın hayatı tam anlamıyla tersyüz olur ve kendini Galler kıyılarındaki, çok uzak bir adaya giderken bulur. Bu adada büyükbabasının ona anlattığı hikayeler ve çok daha fazlasını keşfedecektir. • Öncelikle söylemeliyim ki gerçekten okuması çok keyifli bir bir kitap. Okumaya alışık olduğumuz diğer romanlardan farklı olarak hikaye gidişata göre birbirinden ilginç fotoğraflar ile bize sunuluyor. Kurgu harika bizi farklı dünyalara ve farklı zamanlara taşıyor. Karakterlerin hepsi incelikle işlenmiş. Okuması gerçekten çok kolay bir kitap ağır bir dili yok buna karşın hikayenin “tuhaflığı” sizi içine çekiyor ve kendini okutmayı başarıyor. #tuhafçocuklar #ransomriggs

The other half of my promo video 💕 Watch the full video over on my Facebook page. Thanks again to @_brycematthew for filming/editing!