“Quello che voglio sapere è: esiste sì o no una via d'uscita? Un modo qualsiasi per farla franca?” PH: @giorgia_gy 🌹 #styleinspiration #orangeway #summervibes #pooldays☀️ #colorful #magic #happyday #picofyest #spamforspam #likeforlike #likeforlikes #followforfollow #followforfollows #follow4followback #followme

It's not only #beautifulpictures, it's real! And we luckily saw it 😎 Enjoy #landscapes with #music ✌️ . . . #volcano #orangeway #roadtrip

🌸🌸 Bảng Phấn Mắt 10 Màu ETUDE HOUSE PLAY COLOR EYES #CHERRY_BLOSSOM ℹ️ 1gx10. ✔️ Gồm 10 ô màu với tông hồng chủ đạo, tượng trưng cho một mùa xuân lãng mạn, ngọt ngào. ✔️ Chất phấn mềm mịn, độ bám tốt, dễ tán mà không bị vón cục. ✔️ Phù hợp với mọi phong cách trang điểm từ tự nhiên đến quyến rũ. ✔️ Hộp phấn nhỏ gọn, kèm theo 2 bông đánh mắt và gương soi. ✔️ Danh sách bảng màu theo thứ tự: 🔼 Màu #TheEndOfSpring: màu hồng nâu (nhũ bóng) 🔼 Màu #CherryBlossomRain: màu cam hồng nhạt 🔼 Màu #SweetJujubeTea: màu đỏ mờ 🔼 Màu #ClassicChocolateShop: màu nâu socola 🔼 Màu #RosyFilter: màu shimmer vàng ánh sáng (nhũ bóng) 🔼 Màu #TwinkleWink: màu vàng champagne (nhũ bóng) 🔼 Màu #OrangeWay: màu hồng cam (nhũ bóng) 🔼 Màu #CherryBlossomFestival: màu hồng cam đậm 🔼 Màu #PinkBakery: màu hồng nóng (nhũ bóng) 🔼 Màu #PoppedCherryBlossomPopcorn: màu trắng hồng (nhũ bóng) 📲 Các nàng đừng ngại direct ngay cho tụi mình để được tư vấn về những sản phẩm xịn nhất, phù hợp nhất với từng nàng nhen ❤️ #hannebeauty #hanneetudehouse #hanneplaycoloreyes #skincareroutine #makeupworld #like4like #follow4follow

#orangeway on #holiday #tour 😄 in #larochelle 🍍🍍🍍: Alice is #stretching on the #beach after a long #trip on car !!!

#Moetpartyday @orangeroom_ph going down right now turn up #orangeway

Everyday I struggle through my thoughts… What am I going to wear? How will the world perceive me? Am I doing enough? Did I finish my work? Will my parents still love me? - By the time I get through my thoughts I’m fucking exhausted. I use to use hard drugs to keep my energy up. For the past 5 months I’ve been off every hard drug. I still smoke weed and drink occasionally but it has been the hardest thing ever while still trying to make a living. - My roommate and girl friend have been my biggest supporters, watching me cry, yell, and bitch but also see me persevere through this, laugh, & smile again. Don’t get me wrong I think about drugs near damn every day. I’ve had to isolate myself to get stronger. I cry all the time because I feel helpless. I look up ways for help… But I’ve been going in and out of therapy & counseling for as long as I could remember. - Going to get professional help is one way… and super expensive. Sometimes why I debate about even going that route again. - But what I’ve found helpful is support, love and living. Face your fears and live. - #Mentalhealth is different for everyone. I don’t have the right answers but I just tell people what I have been going through with my journey. So thats what I’m doing in this post. I hope this helps someone - just knowing you aren’t alone. - Live your life, cherish the positive things, fight through the negativity and communicate in any way possible. ⁃Bana

#orangeWay #TGIF @orangeroom_ph tonight mad room luxury @ its peak #uknow