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In the memory of xxxtentacion w/ the Dolan twins so it’s not completely something else than my fanpage. X’s death is something that people always will remember, may he rest in peace. ❤️ • • • @graysondolan @ethandolan @camdol @dolantwins @dolantwinsofficialmerch #gray #grayson #graysondolan #graysonbailey #graysonbaileydolan #ethan #eeteeweetee #ethangrant #ethangdolan #ethangrantdolan #dolan #dolans #dolantwins #dolantwinedit #dolantwinedit #dolantwinsedits #xxxtentacion #rip

1st let me start by saying, God is so good and so real! Okay so today I planned to go live on Facebook and drop a verse (which I hadn’t done in 4yrs) and I’ve been lowkey skeptical BECAUSE ITS BEEN 4 YRS....then I see this quote on my TL. I don’t do the trolling clout Shit when people pass away #longlivexxxtentacion but this is so wild. The first song I ever recorded in 2013 was titled God’s Will. And the last bars in my verse were “DONT THROW THE TOWEL IN, YEEN COME THIS FAR TO BLOW IT. USE IT TO WHIPE YA SWEAT & KEEP GOIN.” It’s was a song basically about NEVER losing faith. And it’s crazy because I stopped rapping because it wasn’t fun anymore after my dad passed. Everything I wrote was depressing I couldn’t cope couldn’t heal because I was still dealing and reliving. Similar to #xxxtentacion that child was only 20yo. Battling depression for a long time! Countless times he overcame wanting to take his own life just to have it taken from him 😓😓😓😓 But his legacy will live on! He was only 20 he overcame his depression and pursued his dreams to the fullest! Word to X don’t let anything slow you down! Depression, what people think, fear, nothing! You gotta get it by any means because any day can be your last! -Queen Iyona

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Damn this shit got me hard, I still can’t believe that he might be gone. All these allegations being made of this and that of who killed him or if he is alive needs to stop, they just to tell us what the fuck is going on. @xxxtentacion #xxxtentacion #xxxtentacionedits

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X was someone to admire for his work. He changed is Fans And even me. He went throw depression himself And he drove Himself Famous because of his Talent, and personality. HE didn’t Take Anything from Anyone, or Hurt People. He did the opposite. He gave People a gift And Use His Advise in a good way. He Helped Children, and He Never hurt People, He cured Them. So For that Little Punk Ass Bitch That Thinks That Pulling the trigger was something that needed to be done FUCK YOU. YOU DONT DO THAT SHIT CAUSE IT MAKES YOU FEEL GANGSTA. that shit ain’t from the hood no more. This is hurting a Lot Of people, and because that Bitch wanted to Show somethin He Did this. We will always love you X😭💔 __________________________________ #ripxxxtentacion #xxxtentacionedits #xxxtentacion #xxxtentacionvideo #loveyou

💔💔 - I don't always post my edits here. But I want everyone to know this: People aren't perfect. People aren't alive just to be these sinless beings that don't do anything wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, some may be larger than others. Jahseh wasn't perfect. I was a closet fan when he first started coming up due to the problems he had tied to him. I got really into him about 6 months ago. But we have to get out of the mentality that people don't change because people do. He was trying his hardest to spin his life around and fix what he did wrong. No one is perfect, like I said, but his willingness to change was righteous. You don't have to like him. But if you celebrate his death, you deserve no respect. Think about it like this. If Malcolm X were to die at 20, you wouldn't allow him to fix his past which is very similar to Jahseh. Hope he is flying high. Rest with Jocelyn. 💔👼🏽 #ripxxxtentacion #xxxtentacion

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